Equity Research


The focus of the Olympia Equity Research Team is to provide deep, actionable research that delivers the right ideas at the right time. The team provides extensive Global research with an emphasis on special situation coverage of Mediterranean Europe, Eastern Europe, Near and Far East Asian companies. Our research teams in Europe, Middle East and Asia provide our clients Globally Based research delivering macro insight as well as sector and company specific recommendations.

Explanation of Olympia Capital Markets Rating System

Analyst's "sector" is the universe of companies for which the analyst provides research coverage. Accordingly, the rating assigned to a particular stock represents solely the analyst's view of how that stock will perform over the next 12 months relative to the analyst's sector.

Our Rating Categories:

Top Pick (TP): Represents best in Outperform category; analyst's best ideas; expected to significantly outperform the sector over 12 months; provides best risk-reward ratio; approximately 10% of analyst's recommendations.

Outperform (O): Expected to materially outperform sector average over 12 months.

Sector Perform (SP): Returns expected to be in line with sector average over 12 months.

Underperform (U): Returns expected to be materially below sector average over 12 months.
Risk Qualifiers (any of the following criteria may be present):

Average Risk (Avg): Volatility and risk expected to be comparable to sector; average revenue and earnings predictability; no significant cash flow/financing concerns over coming 12-24 months; fairly liquid.

Above Average Risk (AA): Volatility and risk expected to be above sector; below average revenue and earnings predictability; may not be suitable for a significant class of individual equity investors; may have negative cash flow; low market cap or float.

Speculative (Spec): Risk consistent with venture capital; low public float; potential balance sheet concerns; risk of being delisted.

Focused Stock Selection Process

We adopt a focused stock selection process overlaid with a disciplined investment philosophy: Alpha Generation and Alpha Preservation drive our Research Integration. We believe disciplined portfolio construction combined with a systematic in-depth review process is the key to consistent performance over time. A top-down approach coupled with bottom-up stock selection is our formula for the most reliable and repeatable source of performance. On-ground regional presence provides insight and a Regional market research platform provides breadth. A Systematic fundamental analytical process provides discipline

Olympia’s on-the-ground presence as well as integrated quantitative and qualitative research is the key to our superior stock selections.

Our quarterly Newsletter, is available on a quarterly basis and features our Stock Pick Alerts and Corporate Bond Opportunities. This publication is sought after by many well-known names within the asset management community.

Our daily Research Comments and our Intraday Comments are considered "must" reading for up-to-the-minute insight into major developments and our investment opinions. In addition, our major research publications, such as Capital Strategies, are crucial sources of market commentary, investment themes and equity research summaries from our fundamental equity team. Access to Olympia Stock Pick Alerts is available only to institutional and corporate clients of Olympia Capital Exchange. For more information, please contact your Olympia representative.

Olympia Capital Exchange clients can rely on our Newsletter for:

  • Access to our Fundamental Equity Research, Investment Strategy, Quantitative Analysis and Trend & Cycle Insights are provided to our valued customers. We provide equity sector specifics including in-depth company and industry commentary, credit analysis and specific Corporate Bond investment opportunities.
  • The ability to customize tracking of specific stocks and equity sectors using Portfolio Optimization and Risk Tolerance Profiling.
  • Links to other Olympia Capital products such as REITs, Pre-IPOs as well as M&A deals.

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