Research for our Institutional clients

Olympia Capital Exchange stresses idea focused service to some of the most sophisticated investors in the world, which require an advanced skill set from each of our analysts ensuring that we continue to help our Institutional clients maximize portfolio performance by providing differentiated, collaborative, alpha generating ideas.

Institutional Equity

Our Institutional investor clients are organizations which pool large sums of money and invest those sums in securities and real assets. Our typical institutional client include banks, insurance companies, retirement or pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds. Because these clients act as highly specialized investors on behalf of others and they hold a broad portfolio of investments in many companies, risk management is paramount to any investment recommendation made by Olympia Capital Exchange.

Many of our institutional customers will have a lot of influence in the management of their portfolio corporations because they exercise voting rights in the companies. They can actively engage in corporate governance as major providers of capital.

Our team of experienced research analysts is respected for their extensive knowledge within their respective industries. To assist clients in their stock selection process, our analysts add value by integrating their industry contacts, proprietary information sources and comprehensive financial models that ultimately form their investment opinions. Olympia analysts offer clients access to key industry insiders as well as senior corporate managements.

Stock Selection

A relatively-simple two-sided form of stock selection enables our investors to identify the characteristics of a growth stock and quantify, in a serious statistical manor, the potential future growth from historical trends

We not only rely on financial mathematical formulas to prognosticate the future, we require all analysts to apply his or her own judgment to many factors in the analytical process. We want our stock analysts to discover those stocks which are most likely to increase in value over the next five years and in addition outperform their benchmark industry and sector indices.

We help institutional investors determine a reasonable value for the stock, suggesting purchase when the stock is temporarily on the cheap side of a value band.

High Yields

For corporate bond managers, high yields uncovered based on a mismatch of risk differentials to current bond yield implied risk, is always our focus. We seek to provide Institutional managers with exciting, risk adjusted, high yield corporate bond opportunities. Corporate credit evaluation is the name of the game here at Olympia Capital Exchange when it comes to bonds.

Our presence, particularly in Asia, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe allows us to study these dynamic regions in depth and provide clients with a leading edge through the team’s local insight.

Direct contact with company management is one of our most sought after strengths