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Quality Stock and Bond Market Research

Our Institutional Global Equity Valuations look to specific economic margins measured from the basic accounting level through to the measure and estimate of a company’s free cash flow. This is the essential aspect of our research in identifying under priced stock and bond opportunities.

Olympia Capital Exchange, helps institutional investment, consulting and corporate firms globally in accurately measuring corporate performance and identifying mispriced equities and bonds through identifying accounting distortions.

We explicitly address the four main value drivers of enterprise value: profitability, competition, growth, and cost of capital. Sound corporate credit identifiers provide our quality bench marks.

The traditional focus on earnings are a poor proxy for economic profitability and sound credits because it does not accurately reflect the true cash flow of the firm since, on average, corporate earnings represent only 45 to 50 percent of a company’s cash flow and earnings do not reflect risk.

We help Investment Managers make better investment decisions through unique corporate and valuation insights .We give our clients a clear and robust set of applications to easily compare valuations and corporate performance over time, over firms, industries and countries. By understanding differences between a company’s intrinsic value and market price, management effectiveness, and earnings quality, our stock and bond recommendations have consistently outperform the market.

Through this fundamental research process, we look for extreme mispricing in share and bond values. These are typically found at times of fear or greed, during times of change and away from the herd. Olympia Exchange Analysts take a long-term approach and are pragmatic about where to find ideas. Our primary aim is to buy businesses and credits at a large discount to their true underlying value.

We offer a fresh approach to research. Our work is independent and conflict free, idea driven, and firmly focused on fundamentals and valuation. Our principal aim is to assist our clients' investment decision making process. We study what’s new and what’s changing – because change leads to earnings surprises and earnings surprises drive share prices. We spot evolving trends early and pinpoint themes and topics somewhat removed from the mainstream.

Our research analysts put more attention on those factors which will drive a stock's future performance. Our approach is based on a deep knowledge and understanding of market dynamics and focuses on adding value to clients' portfolios via thoroughly checked proprietary information and data sources.

Olympia Institutional Equity Sales & Trading Professionals work closely with our Analysts to provide our buy-side clients with niche-oriented ideas, timely and superior service, and quality execution. Olympia’s trading desk serves investors world-wide and has a reputation for high-quality execution.

Our traders are also experienced in 144(A), restricted stock, and private capital distribution sales.

We serve a select number of clients at any time so as to provide a high level of customized service. Our client base includes well-known institutional investors.

We consistently provide independent and differentiated equity and debt investment ideas. We have no business activities that conflict with our promise of independent research.

The Analytical Department provides a select number of these ideas to an exclusive base of clients; Institutional and Private Equity.

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